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Taxonomy and Distribution

Arundinaria... Clump forming bamboos with tall woody culms; culms hollow or solid; 3-7 subequal primary branches at the mid-culm nodes. Leaf-blades linear-lanceolate, cross-veined. Inflorescence paniculate or racemose, the spikelets pedicellate....In Ethiopia, it is found in Montane forest, often on volcanic soils and forming extensive pure stands...read more

African Bamboo Diversity

Africa has about 43 species of bamboo covering about 1.5 million hectares. Forty of these species are mainly distributed in Madagascar. The major indigenous bamboo species in the project target countries Ethiopia and Kenya are mainly of highland and lowland bamboo. More than twenty non-indigenous or exotic specious have been introduced to the region, mainly in research institutions (KEFRI in Kenya in cooperation with Asian Research and Development Institutions since 1986) or on individually owned farms. These already introduced non-indigenous bamboo species have not yet been fully analysed for their potential as industrial species and should be included in pilot plantation/propagation activities....read more

Commodity Strategy

Resource-poor people are able to increase their incomes by the production of crafts and subsistence-use products made from bamboo. Such activities link and benefit both rural and urban poor. However, the market for bamboo crafts is limited as these products are non-essential, and subsistence-use products are of low value. This topic deals with the issues on existence of bamboo products and the technologies and skills needed for their production, and the influences of the enabling environment that affect their use...read more

Bamboo Trade

Trade in bamboo raw materials and products in East African countries is extremely limited and fluctuates greatly from year to year. UN COMTRADE statistics (that lump bamboo and rattan together) indicate that Kenya exports the greatest value of bamboo and rattan products in East Africa...read more





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